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How to publish to your root/main domain -
How to publish to your root/main domain -

Not being able to publish to your root domain - Resolving conflict with your DNS host provider

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If you have added your custom domain per instructions in this article, and you still can't publish a page strait from DragDropr to your root domain ( e.g., you probably have a conflict with your DNS host and CNAME records. 

The conflict appears because:

When the user adds a CNAME to their DNS record, the name of the CNAME actually links to the sub-domain on ''

If the name of CNAME record is 'dnd', like in this help document, it will point the sub-domain '' to the DragDropr hosting srvice

If the user wants to publish directly on the domain (e.g. ) and not on the sub-domain they need to change the A record for their domain


You cannot set a CNAME record to a root domain (e.g., because that would break RFC 1034 section 3.6.2, which states:

"If a CNAME RR is present at a node, no other data should be present; this ensures that the data for a canonical name and its aliases cannot be different."

Furthermore, we can not set a "naked" CNAME  e.g.

  • The CNAME always needs to be in a sub-domain format (e.g.  


  • Conflict usually happens when you try to set CNAME to your root domain e.g. which is not possible, or when you try to set "naked" CNAME to your sub-domain.


1. Add "www" sub-domain. E.g.

2. Add/Change CNAME record for your "" sub-domain to URL you got from DD when you added the domain.

It is on one of these dialogs, depending whether you want to publish a single page or a whole website.

3. Create a 301 Redirect from to


In your DNS provider settings you need to change the A record: 

It should point to should point to, which is the DragDroppr hosting service IP

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