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What is website color and how to use it?
What is website color and how to use it?
Written by Gerald Emprechtinger
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2.Website Color options

3. How to use Website Colors?

1) Description

Website Color is a feature that lets you change all the colors on your Project/Website in a couple of clicks.

This feature can save you loads of time if you want to try out a couple of different colors to make your project more awesome!

2) Website Color Options

First thing you will see is the Website color palette's.

These were all pre-made but you can edit each one of them and save them according to your preference.

You can also add your palette by clicking on "Add my palette".

Here are the options for each palette:

  • Color 01 - Website Background color

  • Color 02 - Headings Text color

  • Color 03 - Links text color

  • Color 04 - Primary Button color

  • Color 05 - Text Color

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can also add your own color by clicking "Add New Color".

On top of the colors that are used for buttons, text and so on, you get to add additional colors you would like to use throughout the site.

Color picker:

3) How to use website colors?

You can change the colors of your website, headings, letters, and buttons with just 3 clicks.

  1. Go to the Settings.

  2. Click on the page / website colors.

  3. Choose the pre-made palette you like the most, and all headings, text, background, and buttons will change color.

If you don't like some of the colors from the pallet you've chosen, you can always change them.

  1. Click on the Edit icon at the end of your selected pallet.

  2. Chose the color or the shade for the segment you want to change.

  3. And the color will be adjusted automatically.

If you haven't found anything you were looking for within the pre-made pallets; you can always make your own combination and save it.

With this we will end our Website Color article.

If you got any questions or need further assistance please contact us over our chat widget!

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