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Here you can find a list of third-party payment providers supported by your online store. You can choose one (or several) of these payment systems to accept online credit card payments from your customers.

To set up an online payment method in your store, open your store admin and go to the Payments page. There you can find a list of payment gateways available to you (click "Choose Payment Method" at the bottom of the page for credit card processing gateways available for your country). Choose the gateway you want to use and enter the relevant account details.

Note: All transactions are processed by third-party payment providers who have their own rules and may charge extra fees. Be sure to check these details with your preferred payment processor when setting up a payment method.

List of supported payment gateways

Once set up, the payment method powered by the chosen payment processor will appear at your store checkout and your customers will be able to choose it as their payment option.


Can I use a payment gateway that is not on the supported list?

Yes. If you do not see the desired payment gateway in the list above, you can connect your online store with a gateway you need using Add Payment Method API. You can develop a custom integration yourself or hire a third-party professional for this task.

How can I withdraw money?

Your online store does not process any transactions. Online payments are processed by the payment gateway that you’ve selected for your payment method. To withdraw the money received for orders through the payment gateway, you should log into your account with this payment system and link your bank account or use another withdrawal option that they offer.

How can I issue a refund?

To refund a payment, you should find the respective transaction in your account with the payment gateway that processed the payment and issue the refund there.

Can customers pay by credit card without leaving my site?

Yes. With several payment providers, your online store shows the credit card form right within the store’s checkout page, so customers are not redirected to the payment gateway website to enter their credit card details there. Instead, they stay on your domain during the entire checkout process.

If you want to use such an on-site payment method, you can use one of these payment providers for online credit card processing in your online store: Stripe, Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay, American Express, Payeezy, TransFirst, Payleap, Clover payment gateway.

How can I change the payment method name?

When you add several online payment methods, they often receive the same "Credit or debit card" name by default. Creating specific payment method names will help you to quickly learn from the order details, how the order has been paid for, and filter orders by these payment methods.

To edit the name of the payment method:

  1. From your store admin, go to Payment.

  2. Find the payment method you want to change.

  3. Click Actions.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Scroll to Appearance options

  6. Enter the payment method name in the Payment method name at the checkout field.

How to sort payment methods?

To encourage customers to pay with a certain payment method, you can put that method in the first place in the list of payment methods. Thus, it will be selected by default at the checkout.

To set the order in which payment methods appear at checkout:

  1. From your store admin, go to Payment.

  2. Click Actions → Sort next to any payment method.

  3. Drag and drop payment methods to put them in the desired order.

That’s it! Changes are saved automatically.

Can I capture payments later?

Yes. With some payment methods you can choose how you want to capture payments from customers:

  • Capture payments automatically
    With this transaction type, funds are captured from a customer’s credit card immediately, at the time of order placement.
    This transaction type is usually called Purchase, Purchase only or Sale in the payment method settings.

  • Capture payments manually
    If this transaction type is selected, during order placement your store will check a credit card balance of your customers. You can then capture the money from the customer’s credit card later (for example, when you are ready to ship their order). To actually charge the customer, you should log into your account with the payment gateway and click a special button.
    This transaction type is often called Auth Only, Authorization Only, Pre-authorization.

You can choose what transaction type suits you best with the following payment systems supported by online store: Authorize.Net, Payeezy, TransFirst Transaction Express, American Express, Bambora North America, PayPal Payflow link.

Note: The payment gateway determines the time window when the funds can be captured manually.

Can I add a surcharge to use a payment method?

Usually, a payment processor charges a service fee for processing credit cards. You may want to add a surcharge for customers to use a payment method powered by this provider in order to be compensated for their fees. While some payment providers have a tool to add a surcharge to the purchase amount, others like PayPal do not allow it.

We suggest that you consider changing product prices to absorb such costs. In case you sell products that require shipping, you can set a Handling fee to cover your expenses (it is applied to all orders regardless of the payment method).

Is it possible to sell subscriptions with auto-recurring billing in my store?

No. Currently, the online store is integrated with payment systems without the support of recurring billing. But you can charge customers' cards manually with Stripe.

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