Adding a Search Box to a Website
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A search box allows customers to find products they look for faster. They can search for products by name, SKU, options, and other product information. To add a search box to your website, you need to add a code to your website backend.

TIP: For Wordpress users: learn how to add a product search to a WordPress site.

Adding a search box

To add a search box to your website:

  1. Go to your store admin β†’ Website.

  2. Scroll down to the "Add your store to one more website" section and click Pick Platform β†’ Other platforms and site builders.

  3. Click Add Product Search. The code will be copied to the clipboard.

  4. Go to the editor of your website and open the page where you want to display the categories menu.

  5. Paste the code to the source code of the page. Depending on your website, that may be an HTML or source tab or a separate button to add codes.

  6. Save and publish the changes.

A search box will appear on the site page where you paste the code.

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