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White Label settings
White Label settings

Build your brand, have DragDropr under your band and on your domain

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White label option allow you to have entire DragDropr platform under your Brand, Colors and on your own domain. 

This article covers and explains the following: 

  • What is the White label, and what options will it give you?

  • Setting up Logo and Favicon

  • Publishing DragDropr Builder to your own domain (changing CNAME and A records) 

  • Support links, and access to DragDropr's chat support

  • Background and Brand color change

All users under our premium plan have access and can use White Label settings.

What is the White label, and what options will it give you?

White label is a feature that can be accessed only by users under our Premium plan (Build your brand).

Simply put, it will put entire DragDropr platform under your domain, brand colors and logo.

  • will be change to your domain

  • Dashboard and Background color will be changed per your settings

  • Login page will be under your domain and under your selected Colors and Logo. 

Every account that has White Label settings, also has Agency feature. Which allows him to add it's own sub-accounts. 

Account owners, have an option to add sub-accounts. They will see only your Brand domain, colors and logos. DragDropr won't be shown anywhere. 

Only Sub-accounts and Parent account owner can log in under your White Label domain. 

To access them, go to DragDropr dashboard, and:
Click on your profile picture and there click on Company settings. 

Then, on the left side of DragDropr dashboard, you'll find White label settings. 

There, we are giving you the option to change the following settings:


We have gave you option to add 2 different logos. One if for normal logo, while Logo 2 space is for favicon (Browser Icon) or CMS icons, etc

  • Changes DragDropr logo with your Logo everywhere in DragDropr platform. In our Dashboard, Editor label links and menu items in CMS systems where we have a native integration.

White label domain

This is a place where you can set your domain. Simply add a domain you own there.
After adding a domain to DragDropr, you'll have to change some setting in your domain provider.

Go to your domain provider settings and make the following changes (depending on your case)

  • If you want to configure main domain (root domain) E.G. . You must set domains A record to point to DragDropr IP address

  • If you want to configure sub-domain, E.G., you must configure a CNAME record to point to

Here are both cases combined. You will most probably only change A or CNAME recorders. 

Support links
Changes URL toward's our Help links within our Editor and Dashboard. 

Please note, that only the Parent company ( agency, main company under a "Build your brand" plan) will have access to DragDropr help files, links, and our support. 

The entire point of having White Labeled tool is to have it all under your account. With that in mind, the chat widget and any DragDropr links or Brand mentions will not be seen by Sub-Accounts of the Parent.

That's why you'll find a field where you can add your own Support Links.

Background color

Changes color of DragDropr dashboard background. 

Brand color

Changes color of DragDropr orange brand to your Brand color.


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