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What if my Magento shop is on local environment
What if my Magento shop is on local environment
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In this case, firstly, you'd need to whitelist our IP in your Magento backend, here is a guide on how to do that.

Then, you just need to install our Chrome extension to work with your Magento store.
However, as it's a local environment, there is no way for DragDropr to communicate with your local environment via API. That means you won't be able to directly pull your products from your Magento with DragDropr product widget and push CMS pages and categories via API.

Still with our Chrome extension, you'll be able to create pages and use our templates. That is almost everything you would be able to do with DragDropr app.

How it works:

Chrome extension injects HTML code via TinyMce plugin where the TinyMce editor is present. Everywhere on your Magento backend.

  • When you click on Chrome extension button it will open the DragDropr editor where you create the standard DragDropr pages (there will be no Product widget available though as it's explained above). You may choose some of our templates or build on your own by dragging and dropping:)

  • After you save the page the created html content will be injected in the tinymce editor where dragdropr plugin is used.

There is also a way to add your products to the pages you create.

For that you'd need to add the desired product as a link to that page.
To do that you need to grab your product link (in frontend and copy the link or open the product and under SEO/search something there should be URL-key setting which is used for product link together with store base URL) and link it e.g. as an image in the created page.

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