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Adding Click to Call Buttons and Click to Email Links
Adding Click to Call Buttons and Click to Email Links
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Click to call buttons  allows your customers to give you a call right from their browser. Also, you can create click to email buttons, which will keep you in touch with your visitors regardless of the device they use.

Setting both of them up is a simple process, check it out below:

  • Add a Button widget on your page and give it a name

  • Right-click on the button to open widget settings and select Link option

As soon as the customer clicks on it, their default desktop Mail app will pop-up ready to compose you an email.

  • For click to Call buttons use "tel:+[country code][area code][phone number]" format, without the square braces. For example tel:+43720880912

When your customer clicks on it their default browser app for calling will pop-up

NB! You can also your use a simple word or phrase for the same call/email purposes. To achieve this, just highlight the word and go to settings' bar and click on + button and select Link. 

Don't forget to Save and Publish your page.

That's it!

Let us know in case of any questions!

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