Do you want to make your page visible only for specific time frame? It's absolutely possible to set up with DragDropr!

Just add the following script to Page Settings -> Add Scripts -> Head":

(function() {
var date = new Date(),
   hours = date.getUTCHours(),
   redirect = true,
   redirectUrl = '';

if (hours < 9 || hours > 21) {
if (redirect) {
window.location.href = redirectUrl;
} else {
document.body.innerHTML = '';

Depending on your needs you can do the following:

  • change the redirect = true  to redirect = false - this will cancel your page redirecting to another URL. It will show blank white page instead.

  • leave the redirect = true and change the redirectUrl = ''  for example to redirectUrl = '' or any page you wish so that the users are redirected to it when they enter the page outside of the allowed time frame.

  • change the 9  and 21  to any other value you wish to restrict the page but remember that it uses the UTC time in comparison (GMT+0 -> so if your local time zone is GMT+3 which means that your local time is 3 hours ahead of UTC time then you would need to change the 9  to 12  and 21  to 0, etc.

That's it!

Let us know should any questions arise!

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