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Add fonts to Google Drive
Add fonts to Google Drive
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Here are the steps on how to do that:

1. Upload fonts to Google Drive

Share file publicly, check the "Share a file publicly" instructions here

Click on "Done" afterward.

3. Right-click
on the file to get the shareable link

4. Open a new tab and get file ID from the public URL :

[For example for url "" the file ID is "1OQIC3rZ1yuFboL-4QtFQeGTAxlQW6lJB"]

Create a file direct link by adding the file ID to the "" URL

[For example for file "1OQIC3rZ1yuFboL-4QtFQeGTAxlQW6lJB" the link will be "" ]

6. Create a file link which is accessible from all domains by adding "" before the file direct link - "

[For example for file "1OQIC3rZ1yuFboL-4QtFQeGTAxlQW6lJB" it is ""]

After that, please check this article on how to add your font to DragDropr page.

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