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Use template to create Shopify page
Use template to create Shopify page
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1. Open Shopify platform and click on Pages

2. Click Actions and then click on Create page with DragDropr.
The DragDropr editor will open, just click on Save to save your page. 

3. Go to your DragDropr dashboard, open Shopify project and there you will find your newly created page. 

4. Then, go to Template menu and select the desired template:

5. Click on it and select this Shopify project here:

6. You're redirected to the page editor. As soon as you've applied changes to your page, click on "Save"

7. Click on Code icon and copy the HTML code

8. Go back to your Shopify platform and drag the HTML widget to your canvas. 

9. Now select HTML widget and click on edit in HTML editor

10. Then past the HTML code, you grabbed from your page and click on Save.

11. Now save your new page content.

You can check your page by browsing to the pages in your Shopify platform and clicking view page. 

You're all set now!

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