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Inject a DragDropr button
Inject a DragDropr button
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The JavaScript button is built to give you our editor for every website Backend where you want to create content with our Drag&Drop editor.

  1. Click on the gear button on your project.

  1. Select "Inject button" option.

There are 2 options:

  1. either you define a DOM (output area of the HTML that we generate, see the picture above)

2) or you have a TinyMCE editor in place which is recognized by DragDropr automatically.
(more details here -
If you have TinyMCE in the backend if your website you also can use our chrome extension to create content.
(find it in Chrome Web Store -
The button is useful especially for CMS providers that want to implement DragDropr for their users.
If you'd like we could easily schedule an online meeting with you to go through your requirements.

Have fun while using DragDropr!

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