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Adjust Shopify headlines
Adjust Shopify headlines
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This is a general feature from DragDropr. For any system we integrate with we use the native rich text editor. Most CMS have the native functionality to have an additional Title field that is used. 

So when you publish a DragDropr page to Shopify for the first time, go to your Shopify page in the backend and change the Title to your preferred H1 headline name.

Important: don't use the headline widget as the first element on the page or disable Titles in the Shopify theme.

Another option is to add a global DragDropr CSS:
Everytime a DragDropr page is in place the default Shopitfy title headlines are removed:

  1. Click on Gear button on your Shopify project

2. Select Global styles option there and paste the code below: {
    display: none;

That's it! Now your Shopify titles will be hidden by default.

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