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Create content list on your page
Create content list on your page

create anchor links

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If you want to create a list with content of your page, you can create anchor links for that.

  1. Create your content list with Rich text widget;

2. Each widget has a specific ID that you may use as an anchor to refer to. Click on gear button of the widget to see its ID

3. Then, highlight the word/phrase to be linked to a specific content on the page and go to the text editor bar. Click on plus button and select Link option. 

4. In the URL field you should paste the widget ID you want to link to.
If a widget ID is "ddr-cc35d2a061" then you should paste #ddr-cc35d2a061 here as shown below.

NB! If you don't want your linked word/phrase to be underlined, you should go to HTML editor in the text settings bar and change "text-decoration" value from "underline" to "none"

5. Finally, click on Save and Publish to see your page live

That's it!

Be sure to let us know if any questions arise!

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