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WordPress integration
WordPress integration
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  1. Log into your Wordpress account.

2. Go to Wordpress plugin store and search for DragDropr there.

2. Go to Plugins menu and click on the “Activate” button under the DragDropr app.

3. A new “DragDropr” menu will appear and you may see now a “Deactivate” button under DragDropr app.

4. Go to DragDropr menu and click on the “Activate” button above.

5. In the opened page you are able either to create a NEW DragDropr Account or sign in to your already existing one and choose the needed Project.

Now, DragDropr is integrated into Wordpress.

! If you want to remove Wordpress integration: 

  • sign into your DragDropr account;

  • hover over your project;

  • click on the Trash bin button.

The integration is removed.

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