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Adjust the font in the Pagebuilder
Adjust the font in the Pagebuilder
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Q: Is it possible to adjust the font size, spacing etc. for particular breakpoints, e.g in mobile view - bigger headline or smaller spacing?

A: You may do this through Project settings, e.g. by using media queries to adjust font and headline sizes.

1. Log into your DragDropr account and click on the gear button on your project.

2. Select Styles option there. You'll see a window to enter your text there.

3.  Put the desired font size  

Q: If you set a max-width by a section then it’s shown in the center, is it possible to set a horizontal alignment? 

We have quite often the cases, when the half of the background is visual and the other one (on the left side) has a content on it. So is it possible to change the „max. content width" individually?

A: For now, we don't have such a functionality in DragDropr software, however, we're constantly working on improving it with new features!

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