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Add a new font to your project
Add a new font to your project
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1. Log into your DragDropr account and click on the gear button on your project.

2. Select Styles option there. You'll see a window to enter your text there.

3. Find the needed font in the Google search and enter its page.

4. You'll see a general information about this font. Go to the right top corner of the page and click on Select this font.

5. Click on Family Selected on the right bottom of the page to expand the font's data.

6. Click on @IMPORT button and copy the line in between <style> values.

7. Go back to your DragDropr account and paste the copied line into the Styles window. Press Enter on your keyboard.

8. Go back to font's page and copy the line from the Specify in CSS field.

9. Go back to your DragDropr account and paste the copied line as a second row in the Styles window. Click on Save button.

10. Open your DragPropr project and select a page there.

Voilà, the text on the page is in the font you've just added.

Moreover, you can define the fonts for specific styles. Let's say you would like to have one font for your headlines and another one for your paragraph texts,
this could look like this:

Here is a code snippet - just copy and paste it into the Additional CSS window. 

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {font-family: 'INSERT-FONT-NAME';}
p {font-family: 'INSERT-FONT-NAME';}

Then change the 'INSERT-FONT-NAME" value with the desired fonts.

*"h1,h2..." stands for headlines and "p" for paragraph texts. 

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