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Enable cookies in different browsers
Enable cookies in different browsers
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In order to make the authoring tool work, you need to enable cookies from 3rd party by going to the browser settings 

(or typing chrome://settings/ into the address bar). Usually, they are blocked by default in different browsers


- Click the icon depicting three horizontal lines in the top-right corner and click on Settings:

- Click Show advanced settings... at the bottom of the page

- In the section entitled "Privacy" click the button Content settings...

- In the section entitled "Cookies" select the option Allow local data to be set and uncheck "Block third-party cookies and site data".


Go to Preferences, click Privacy, then select "Allow from websites I visit

(Safari accepts cookies and website data only from websites you visit. Safari uses your existing cookies to determine whether you have visited a website before. Selecting this option helps prevent websites that have embedded content in other websites you browse from storing cookies and data on your Mac.)

Internet Explorer (9.0-11.0):

- Click on the gear-wheel icon at the top right of the browser window and select Internet Options.

- Change to the "Privacy" tab.

- Set the slider to "Medium" and  click OK  to close the window.

Mozilla Firefox:

- Click the Firefox button at the top left of the browser window and click Options.

- Change to the Privacy Settings.

-  No restriction (recommended) - Set "Firefox will:" to "Remember history" and click OK.

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