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Shopify integration
Shopify integration

How to link your Shopify account with DragDropr

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How to integrate with Shopify

  1. Go to and search for DragDropr app in the search field. Click on Add app button.

2. Enter your Shopify store URL and log into your it.

3. After that click on “Install app” button.

4. Sign into your DragDropr account.

! Make sure that you have allowed Pop-ups in your Browser or disabled the Popup Blocker:


5. In the pop-up that appears you are able either to create a NEW DragDropr Account or sign in to your already existing one and choose the needed Company.

6. A new Shopify project will be created automatically

! If you want to remove DragDropr from your shop:

  • Log into your Shopify shop.

  • Click on Apps menu.

  • Click on Trash bin icon in front of the DragDropr app.

DragDropr app is now removed from your shop.

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